The Gladiator Assault Course

  • Approximate activity duration:
    45-60 minutes
  • Minimum group size:
  • All participants must be within set safety parameters:
    4í6Ē minimum height. 14 years minimum age

Itís wet, itís muddy, itís the GLADIATOR ASSAULT COURSE.

Incorporating a selection of poles, nets, tyres, walls and water obstacles, just making it through to the end is a great achievement!

Once youíve made it through in your own time and got to know the course, you can choose to take the time trial challenges; either as a team or as individuals. Successful challengers of the time trials will find their names on display on our Notice Board!

Complete shower kit, towel, change of clothes, underwear and footwear essential!

Various adaptations are available to encourage leadership skills, communication and teamwork:

  • DINO EGGS: Save as many baby dinosaur eggs on route as Possible.
  • LIQUID GOLD: A pot of liquid gold was stolen; it has been located suspended from a rope over a bog. It must be recovered and transported through the course.
  • WATER PORTER: Your team must complete the course whilst transporting a measured amount of clean water Ė donít spill it or let it become contaminated!